Reviews about the tire Barum Polaris 3.

Reviews about the tire Barum Polaris 3.

Avgust Life Summer, too, you will be satisfied, soft, but wears out evenly (with good camber-convergence), they have a solid court structure and rubber composition OK New Samsung Galaxy A31 128 GB Blue, I have never even heard from friends that a goose was formed somewhere. 1 reply 15:57 02/01/2015.

Leonid: After putting on such tires, I don’t mind. 5 / -3 reply 12:50 11/07/2011.

Andrey: I put it on today, drove a couple of tens of kilometers, the road holding is not bad, I hope that it behaves no worse on snow and ice! 8 / -3 reply 17:18 11.11.2011.

Guest: The noise is the same as the nokian hakkka i.e. the difference between summer \ winter is not found. when cornering on the asvalt, it does not squeak, which is already good on ice / snow, I think no one has ridden it yet, and I do not expect a miracle from not spiking 11 / -7 reply 13:13 12.11.2011.

VadimL29: I went on ice for a few days, okay. Only on old tires the car drove straight, but on this one it pulled slightly to the left (Opel Combo). The camber-toe master says that this is a feature of the rubber.

Then everything will get used to it .. 7 / -15 reply 17:28 12/11/2011.

ZamahM: I also bought a kit, 550 / pcs. Dry / wet asphalt is good, but these wheels have not seen winter, since the 2011 model. It will be a shame if it turns out to be a sled on the snow / ice, and not winter tires. Well, on the other hand, it is quiet, does not buzz, does not vibrate.

6 / -1 reply 11:28 11/13/2011.

VadimL29: At the expense of ice, there is a water supply running down the street, a real skating rink. 17 / -2 reply 00:34 11/14/2011.

Guest That’s why we need water supply breakdowns to find out the rubber before winter. So you can enjoy a more or less successful purchase? 6 reply 14:08 11/15/2011.

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ZamahM Pleases, pleases it! And then the purchase was like playing the lottery, no luck lucky. 3 / -1 reply 20:25 11/15/2011.

Guest Yes, maybe there is a lottery share, but I read the reviews about Polaris – 2. Everyone seems to be happy. In addition, Continental produces them (like the Gisloved). Well, not directly they. on their equipment, under their control.

So. yet again. waiting for ice) 5 / -4 reply 07:50 11/16/2011.

no matter: and I bought these today 4 * 560 I will hope with you 2 answer 17:24 11/21/2011.

ZOHAN: put polaris 3 185 \ 60 \ 15 xl today, there is no need to use it, but wet asphalt and snowballs seemed pretty good 3 / -1 reply 23:08 11/22/2011.

Guest: Today I ran an ice test. Expected more. But on the ice with Velcro special miracles are not to be expected.

Perhaps this is the only disadvantage of this rubber. Although to say that it is not a controlled car at all. no, if it is wise, then it is normal on the ice. I emphasize NORMAL. Maybe more expensive brands are more effective on ice, but they cost 600 hryvnia.

In general, I am satisfied so far. 7 / -2 reply 21:08 11/24/2011.

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